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And Your Very Flesh Shall Become A Great Poem - Walt Whitman

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The Poetry of Self Actualization

" I want to be a poet!”

"Well you can want all you like

that’s now how the universe works—-“

"I will be a poet!”

"Well call yourself what you will

That’s not how the universe works—-“

"I am a poet!”

All consciousness flows out from

the universal mind,

The cosmic wheel turns slowly and all

parts of the machine with it,

And self actualization forms like foam

on ocean waves. 

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Thru Our Fingers

Three generations of open hands sit and reflect—-

two part time jobs split

amongst themselves, 

with seven kids to feed( some with

a few kids themselves all living under

one roof)

car payments to make

the mortgage stack getting taller

the check book shrinking

too many things bought on credit (with

too little of an income to combat it)

the rising inflation of the economy (with 

the decreased value of the dollar)—-

What happened to our American Dream?

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